Landlords – The New Tenancy Regime

In December 2017, the expected new tenancy regime will replace the current assured/short assured tenancies.  The new tenancy will be known as a ‘Private Residential Tenancy’ (or ‘PRT’)). Any new tenancy will be open-ended and will last until a tenant wishes to leave (giving 28 days’ notice), or a landlord wishes to evict (using 1

Landlord tips for a successful let

Rental property demand is high, however, there are many areas that could easily put a good tenant off renting your property.  Here we offer some hints and tips on a successful let. Stick with neutral colours and simple furnishings – do not get personal with colour.  Neutral and simple gives tenants an idea on how

Hello from iLet – new landlords welcome

The locals have now been accustomed to our ‘little’ high street property shop for just over a year now.  I say ‘little’ because our office is quite that 🙂 When we first set foot in our shop back in July 2016, three other units on the high street were sitting empty.  Not a great look

Letting Agent Regulation – Raising Standards Across the Private Rented Sector

    Around half of Landlords in the PRS (Private Rented Sector) in Scotland use the service of a Letting Agent. Many agents do operate in a professional manner, but such good practice is not shared by all.  In response to issues raised by landlords and tenants (who have experienced poor standards and in some

Unlocking the benefits of using a Letting Agent

  As the Scottish rental market shows signs of increased rents and future investment (other than Aberdeen), new or existing Landlords will be keen to weigh-up the benefits of keeping their portfolio’s and using a property agent to oversee the management, or, offloading (selling) their properties, which means there will be an opportunity for new investors, with