Our holiday rental accommodation

As you may be aware, we have been offering holiday rentals since 2014, with rather good success. We currently advertise on a few holiday letting portals, however, at present, the most successful portal for guest bookings seems to be www.booking.com. A large percentage of all bookings have come via their site, however, there has been

Home Maintenance – Hints and Tips

Here are a number of useful hints and tips about maintaining your home and equipment to ensure everything is well maintained and operating safely but remember, if you have any concerns about your property or anything within it, you can always give us a call in the first instance on 07892 891116. What to do

Article written by iLet on Lettingweb

We were recently asked if we would like to contribute an article to Lettingweb’s blog: http://blog.lettingweb.com/ It’s amazing how difficult it is to choose a subject in your area of expertise. What do people want to read?! What are interesting subjects?! These were some of the questions we thought about before deciding on our final

What’s new – September, going forward

Just a little update to keep you, our landlords and tenants up to date on what’s been going on with us recently. Firstly, this time of years always rather hectic for us, even more so now that we’re offering holiday let accommodation too. We’ve been rather active on our facebook page, probably a lot more

We are now looking to hire a self-employed cleaner

Looking for flexible hours, regular work and have the relevant experience? This role could be what you’re looking for. We are looking for someone who can offer reliability, hard work and who understands the importance of quality work. Ideally you will have your own transport, although at the start this isn’t an essential requirement, however,