Article written by iLet on Lettingweb


We were recently asked if we would like to contribute an article to Lettingweb’s blog:

It’s amazing how difficult it is to choose a subject in your area of expertise. What do people want to read?! What are interesting subjects?! These were some of the questions we thought about before deciding on our final article.

It also got us thinking we must start writing more on our website. The last article we wrote was back in September! Ideally we are looking to write monthly, however, if this isn’t achievable, we will definitely be updating our blog at least ona 3-monthly basis.

The blog area is the only area on our website that seems to lack constant attention; our property section is updated every time we have properties on the market.

We’re looking forward to keeping you all up to date with our business news and information we think you may find useful.

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