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6 Weeks In : Where are we heading post COVID-19?!

  Self isolated for 6 weeks! There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our business.  At this time of year we would usually see an increase in both landlord and tenant enquiries; these have both declined significantly, however, for those tenants who need to move into a property now (for those

A Crisis Is Upon Us

Apart from the tragic loss of life that is happening globally, another tragic consequence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the global financial trouble that it’s causing. The virus is going to impact every business, one way or another.  As a lettings business working with landlords and tenants every day, it was only right that we sat

Season’s greetings from the team

    Season’s greetings from us  A new year is upon us, giving us the opportunity to share with you our plans and developments for the year ahead! … Being a small independent business, much of our focus has been on service.  Throughout 2019 it became apparent that as our portfolio began expanding, we were

The Benefits of Investing in a Holiday Home

In this article we explore the many benefits of offering your rental home as a furnished holiday let (FHL). What is a Furnished Holiday Let? A Furnished Holiday Let (also known as a ‘FHL’) is a certain type of rental classification that allows you to take advantage of tax rates if you let out a

Small Kitchen Storage Hacks

When looking for a new home to rent, our research and experience has shown that the kitchen is the room that renters show more of an emotional attachment too. Bearing in mind it’s where most people spend a lot of time when at home. New Home – Small Space So, you’ve moved into a new