Christmas Decorating Inspiration for Your Home …


Part 2 of our Christmas inspiration blog.  This week we’re talking, Christmas present wrapping ideas. Yes, we’ve gone a little off track from home interiors to pretty gift wrapping ideas!

I love, love, love nice wrapping paper!  A beautifully wrapped present & a wee tag is a great way to show someone special the effort you’ve made; whether with simple wrapping or colourful and shiny, you really can make your presents extra special by giving them a more personal feel.

Here’s some inspiration at your fingertips!

Do it yourself ideas


Plain brown wrapping paper with simple black or white ribbons or ties or tiny rope.  Buy a tiny pot of your choice of paint, and off you go with your finger painting or splashing!  Get the kids involved.  Lots of fun and a very simple and personal idea! These would look great in multi coloured paint also, rainbow inspired!


Plain paper and tags with tiny rope and twigs!  Another simple look but very effective.  You could add coloured ties to brighten up and add little acorns or chunks of cinnamon to make nice and smelly!


Pom poms and chalkboard paper!  A fun a creative way to either wrap up kids presents or let them get involved in your wrapping frenzy!

For the little humans


From miniature animals carrying their tiny wee gifts to envelopes dressed up as cute little animals… and check out these peanut reindeer tags.  Such fun ideas and not much effort needed.  The miniature animal gift-carrying is a definite for under our tree this year!


Ignore the pinks (I just found it hard finding both girl and boy colours)!  The first one could be replaced with your boy’s or girl’s favourite colour, maybe a marshmallow snowman lollipop or a favourite toy (as in the idea in the middle pic).  Glittery bambi, how adorable!  Pom pom snowman on string is so cute also.  The little name tags are a great touch.  Any colour of wrapping paper would work with this idea.

Black and white designs


Black and white paper, large letter tags, spots, stripes and all things nice.  Get yourself a stamp, some finger paint, scissors, ribbon or tiny rope and start being creative! …

Of course, it’s only a few days until Christmas is here so you may have already wrapped your gifts. If you haven’t, give some of these ideas a go and share your after photos with us 🙂

Last minute shopping for Christmas wrapping paper or tags or cards?  Check out these websites, with some offering great discount: