Christmas Decorating Inspiration for Your Home


We love Christmas, so it was only fair that we write about it!  

Decorating for Christmas is by far one of my favourite things.  From decorating the tree, to choosing a colour scheme, I absolutely love planning every last touch.  I’ve also realised that having a small human at home who appreciates simple things such as fairy lights and magical ornaments dotted about the place means my hard work doesn’t go un-noticed 🙂

This year I feel I’m swaying more towards a more-simple colour scheme.  I’m deliberating white and silver with a hint of pine (I love the smell of pine) oh, and some cute Nordic Gnomes.  I bought some Gnomes last year, who sat proudly in my office window.  Everyone kept commenting on how cute they were so I’ve extended their family and so far have six.

Having spent a few hundred hours drooling over various Scandinavian blogs (Gnomes land), I’ve found some real inspiration and decided on making these cute mythical creatures part of our home interiors during the festive period.

I’ve also spent some time ogling various interior design blogs and of course many hours have been spent sourcing inspiring artwork from Pinterest.  Time well spent as it’s helped me put a great collection of photos together which we hope will inspire you.


Today we’ll talk candles …  

Candles = ambience. If those little ones (small humans) have been bouncing about eagerly all morning then rest assured come Christmas meal time they’ll be ready to fill their little bellies with some scrumptious dinner.  They love food, we all love food, so it’s a great time to relax and unwind after the excitement of an early Christmas morning 🙂

In our opinion, candles are a must for your table setting and the more the merrier (if you have the table space of course) if not, at least one will do.  Whatever your choice of candle, from simple to Christmas inspired we’ve got a great combination to show you.

Taper Candles

Dark green or black taper candles surrounded by fresh pine and pine cones on a table bench. Simple but such a lovely rustic look.

White or red, or whatever you choose, simply find some bottles, wrap some twigs around the bottle neck, maybe stick some cinnamon in the twigs and hey hoo, another simple rustic look.

Such a lovely centre piece.  Find a log (B&Q or your local forest), drill some holes in to fit some candles, maybe sprinkle some fairy dust or flour and don’t forget a cute little figurine which the little humans will love.  Little Bambi in this photo is adorable.

Round tray, some candle holders, stick some conkers and maybe some dried orange cut into slices and there you have a lovely centre piece, that leaves your home smelling great too.

Slightly fussy but a great combination of what you can do with natures own!  Fresh pine and acorns which you could spray silver or gold to make more Christmassy.  Different sized candle holders give a great visual and I think this would work well on a large round table.

Our last choice is a simple, fresh and modern with a rustic feel.  You could even find a piece of log instead of using the tray.

Surprisingly, we’ve also been candle hunting ourselves.  See links to websites below that may be of interest and well worth a look for a great selection of candles.[category_id]=15000

Send us some inspiration too!  We love seeing photos of Christmas Home and Office interiors!

Ideas that may inspire you . . . 

Style Boxe
For those of you who’d love a fab table setting but just haven’t got the time, or energy, we’d recommend having a look at this website You can order a table setting and have it delivered to your home, in a pretty box!  A little bit on the expensive side yes, but just an idea from us to you . . .


Article written by Nykky Banks, Owner and Property Manager.