Friday 1st December; An important date for landlords and letting agents

All new tenancies commencing on or after the 1st of December will be Private Residential Tenancies (PRTs), rather than  Short Assured Tenancies.
Another important change is that there will be no minimum term, only a start date and for ending tenancies, the tenant can give 28 days notice at any date after the start date.   Landlords can end a tenancy by using one of the 18 grounds and they can give 28 days notice within 6 months or, 84 days notice thereafter.
The eviction process should, in theory, be quicker and also free due to a new housing panel being the point of contact instead of having to go through the court system.
Bear in mind that any existing tenancies are in the old regime which means you can have a short assured tenancy in place as long as it’s continued by both parties e.g. should a tenant wish to stay within an assured tenancy, they are within their rights to do so as long as both parties agree in writing.
Take a look at the new model tenancy here:

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