Hello from iLet – new landlords welcome


The locals have now been accustomed to our ‘little’ high street property shop for just over a year now.  I say ‘little’ because our office is quite that 🙂

When we first set foot in our shop back in July 2016, three other units on the high street were sitting empty.  Not a great look for a small village.  However, today is a different story.  All 3 units now have tenants and the businesses appear to be doing very well.

There are a great mix of businesses here too. Local businesses range from a hair & beauty salon, yoga studio, a florist  to the infamous Newport Hotel.

A nice mix of shops to offer locals and tourists; and should tourists be looking for accommodation, we have holiday lets in Dundee, Tayport and Cellardyke. Locally they can be accommodated in the gorgeous Sandford Country Cottages.

Being an online agent for so many years meant we never had the exposure to work face to face with our clients, in our own setting.  The main aim for opening our shop was to be known as the local property office where locals or otherwise could pop in for a chat, whether that be to discuss any new business or, simply ask for property advice.

Over the past 12 months we have started working with new local landlords, helping them achieve good rents, good tenants whilst taking care of their homes. Everything a landlord wants really.

As tenant demand steadily increases, the local market should be buoyant, however, lack of property stock means our database is full of tenants looking for new homes but they are having to stay where they are because we simply don’t have the stock available to offer.  On the flip side, when properties do come on our books they go quickly, with some properties turning around within a week.

In short, we are now on the look out for many different sized properties, in the area, as well as Wormit and Tayport.

We’ve been in touch with some new clients and are hoping those thinking of renting out their homes locally, will come to us first.

We tailor packages suited to landlords needs and can offer other services such as advertise only, tenant find, cleaning and inventory services.

We have the knowledge and know the market very well.  We live locally and have a nice wee office where you can come for a wee chat and sample some of our delicious tea and coffee.

Photo of iLet founder, Nykky Banks. Seen walking the streets earlier today with her gigantic Scottish flag umbrella.


Quote of the day ‘There’s no place like home’.