January News


Hello from iLet 🙂

Most of last year I attended training programmes to gain the relevant qualifications in order for us to be able to meet the new standards coming into force this year.

Once I decided to go through the training, the thought of training and writing about what I already do on a day to day basis was not something I personally looked forward to, however, the training wasn’t too formal and it was great meeting other people from all different parts of the property sector.  I learnt a lot about the industry I work in. I understand why letting agents sometimes get a bad name, and I understand why I love what I do.  I just love property and I love helping people with their homes!

Getting back to the regulations

Anyone who does letting agency work in Scotland will be required by law to comply with a Letting Agent Code of Practice and to join a Register of Letting Agents.

The Register of Letting Agents will be a list run by Scottish Ministers that will make sure every letting agent is suitable to do the job and has met minimum training requirements.

We have previously written an article on the training we attended;  The LETWELL programme, delivered by Landlord Accreditation Scotland and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Scotland: CIH level 3 certificate in letting and managing residential property

This new Letting Agent framework also includes a statutory letting agent code of practice and a new means of redress to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland

We’re awaiting information from the Scottish Government as to when the register will open so we can be one of the first Letting Agents locally to apply. I say one of the ‘first’ lightly.  I know we are one of the first local agents to go through training.

I do feel the new framework will allow us, as a business, the opportunity to give both our current, new landlords and tenants confidence in our overall service as a letting agent.

What’s new ?! . . . 

We are delighted to say that we have gradually expanded our lettings portfolio locally and will soon be looking at hiring another new team member to assist with admin and eventually manage our lettings work.

Come Spring time this year we will start offering residential sales services to home owners looking to sell their properties.

We are in the process of putting together a ‘Guide to Selling Your Home through iLet’ and will have this available in our office and also via email shortly.   In this guide we will explain what we do and give you a run down on the selling process in Scotland as well as other information any seller will find useful.

As with our lettings portfolio, we hope to work locally, covering Newport on Tay, Tayport, Wormit and the surrounding areas as well as Dundee.

Office news 

We are happy to announce that we now have the company of a well-known interior designer, Sally Sneedon, who has joined us in our office hot-desking a couple of days a week.  Sally is offering bespoke on-a-budget property interior design services.

Although our businesses work separately, we will be happy to collaborate on projects for any new clients.  Myself assisting clients with what is required for renting your space/selling your home and all the regulations attached, whilst Sally will assist with any interior changes you wish to make.

I look forward to seeing you all soon and best wishes for the rest of 2018!


Article written by Nykky Banks, your local Property Manager and owner at iLet (see photo above – a snowy and icy afternoon up the Sidlaws last weekend) 🙂