In December 2017, the expected new tenancy regime will replace the current assured/short assured tenancies.  The new tenancy will be known as a ‘Private Residential Tenancy’ (or ‘PRT’)).

Any new tenancy will be open-ended and will last until a tenant wishes to leave (giving 28 days’ notice), or a landlord wishes to evict (using 1 of the 18 grounds for eviction).

No existing tenancies will be affected and will continue to be governed by the existing legislation until either the landlord or tenant terminates.

Improvements we support with the new regime:

  • A landlord can refer a case for repossession more quickly, should a tenant fall into rent arrears
  • Standardised tenancy terms
  • One simple notice when gaining repossession – streamlined and less confusing notices
  • Eighteen modern grounds for repossession
  • First-tier Tribunal (Housing Property Chamber) – a system that will allow landlords and tenants to engage directly where legal representation is not the norm

The new ‘Private Residential Tenancy’ regime is still a work in progress with further legislation yet to be finalised and approved by Scottish Parliament.

We believe that most of the changes mentioned above will enhance security for both landlords and tenants.

Grey area:

  • Rent controls could have a negative impact on the PRS by putting-off new investors, and landlords may spend less on maintaining their properties to a high standard, reducing the quality of stock for tenants.


Visit the Scottish Governments website for an overview of the new tenancy regime