The moment I realised my career had to change, in support of my business * Light bulb moment *

The industry I work in is quite manic; from turning over of tenants, dealing with new regulations, new legislation, the list is endless. Some days I feel I am spending my free time catching up on admin, phone calls, advertising, new clients, etc. There just does not seem to be enough hours in my working day.

Since I decided to start my business I have to be quite frank, my love for what I do hasn’t change, but, my lifestyle has. I now have a crazy, beautiful toddler to deal with. As much as I would love to say I have found the career/child balance easy, I would be completely lying! That is not to say I don’t manage. But what it does mean is that my priorities have changed and I have taken a look at my work-life and made some quite important, and well thought out decisions.

To explain; my clients, new clients or tenants may or not be aware of this but, I actually run another business. I have run the other business for the same amount of time I have run my own business (coming up for 7 years). How I’ve managed?! Hard work, supportive people around me and enthusiasm for what I do! .. I think that pretty much sums up how I think I’ve managed.

Specifically, over the past year I have realised that to give 100% focus to my own business and other ideas, I need to step back from the other business. This isn’t an easy decision for me because I helped build the other business from scratch; I’ve watched it grow, I’ve hired all the staff, and I feel I am lucky enough to have a special, honest relationship with the person I work for. However, sometimes in life you have to look at the bigger picture because what’s more important than your life, and your health?!

So, from next year I plan on stepping away from the other business. I plan to give more focus to my own business and have plans to get involved in some ‘creative studies’. I plan on finding the balance of running my business, looking after my child and making time for other areas of my life that I feel I could indulge in.

Watch this space for some of my creativity . . .