Our holiday rental accommodation


As you may be aware, we have been offering holiday rentals since 2014, with rather good success.

We currently advertise on a few holiday letting portals, however, at present, the most successful portal for guest bookings seems to be www.booking.com.

A large percentage of all bookings have come via their site, however, there has been some discrepancies and confusion regarding various aspects of our booking procedures (which have been highlighted by some guests, at their time of booking).

We are in the process of asking www.booking.com to add further information to our page, so as to avoid any further confusion.

We would like to note that the following areas will be worked on and hopefully our booking procedure will be more transparent and straight forward:

Tenancy agreement – A copy of this will be available on the site so any guest can access and read before booking.

Payments – Clear details on our payment procedure.

Deposit – Clear details on our deposit procedure.

On another note, we had some guests visiting recently who seen the infamous ‘Tay Dolphins’. They really could not have picked a better time to stay. Sunshine and dolphins, and a nice local pub 5 minutes away, which sells lovely food! … What more could you want from a short stay break?! J

A special thanks to all those guests who have been kind enough to leave feedback, and give us great reviews.

We look forward to meeting more guests from all over the world.