Small Kitchen Storage Hacks


When looking for a new home to rent, our research and experience has shown that the kitchen is the room that renters show more of an emotional attachment too. Bearing in mind it’s where most people spend a lot of time when at home.

New Home – Small Space

So, you’ve moved into a new home with a small kitchen, which means less storage and more clutter, well, not exactly. We’ve found some great storage hacks for small kitchens, and they won’t cost you a fortune either. We’re talking stylish-on-a-budget and easy DIY jobs that are so simple!

Wire baskets for fruit and veg

Wire baskets are great for storing fruit & veg. You can either hang or stack on shelves, an ideal way to declutter, and, they allow airflow to keep fruit or veg fresh. Ikea have some great solutions for hanging storage and baskets. See here

Magazine holder for lids or chopping boards

A great storage solution for pot lids or chopping boards, or simply hammer in some hooks and hang; no straight lines needed. Use up that inner-unit door space!…

In cupboard storage

Especially good for canned food or plates. They come in a variety of sizes and colours. No more unstable cans of food piled on top of one another! Time to get super-organised cupboards 🙂

Over the door organiser

Hang these on the inside or outside of the kitchen door or cupboard door. You can store anything in these nifty organisers, from food, spices, laundry items to cleaning products. You can also use a shoe organiser for storage – not as stylish as some storage but a great solution for anyone with lots of kitchen items needing de-cluttered!

Use up as much in-door cupboard space as you can and if you have limited wall space, find corner shelves or those lovely rustic hanging baskets! And depending on the size and shape of your kitchen, remember you can also hang stuff from the ceiling, or get a wall rack. Reasonably priced and can be used for hanging items as well as shelving!

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