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To celebrate the official opening day of our property shop, we are offering free property management!  Yes, that’s right, FREE!  Terms and conditions apply.  Please pop in or give us a call to discuss or, if you have any other property queries, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are always happy to hear from anyone looking for some advice.

On another note, the reality of being office based has kicked in today.  We were open only half an hour and had our first footfall, a delivery of stationery!  Then 1 hour ago we had the owner of the lovely Yoga on Tay studio across the road pop in with some free vouchers to try out the yoga classes!  We’ve also just had our first phone call to our new landline number.

The sun is shining today too, what more could we ask for on our official opening day 🙂

We have so many people to thank for the support throughout our journey.  My partner and his friend were the one’s who painted the shop, helped out with repairs, built all the office furniture; they even helped clean the windows!

I thank my friends for coming to support me on the launch day.  To the people who did make the effort to come in off the street, to find out what our business is about, and to those people who have decided to work with us.

Some of the local businesses have been great too.  Giving us advice on simple issue such as, where the bins are stored.  One businessman even went as far to clean the front of our shop after Scottish Hydro made a bit of a mess after finishing some electrical faults, e.g. ripping up the pavement directly outside our window!  The Step Inn owners across the road, Sally from the Cheeky Chair Co, they’ve all been great in helping me settle in, and I hope to be able to offer my support at some time in the future, whether that be property or non property related.

So here we are!  Looking forward to what the future brings.

Please pop in say hello the next time you are passing 🙂

Welcome . . .

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Favourite quote of the week  “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant”.